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Russian Women Seeking American Men: Do Russian Women Like American Men?

Mary Reilly
Dating/Relationship Coach and Writer

Guys from the USA are obsessed with the idea of dating and marrying seductive girls from Russia. But what about these ladies? Do Russian women love American men? The majority of them yes. They become mail order brides and start looking for a compatible partner online. Some ladies can′t get the mutual respect and support they deserve from their local boyfriends, others just believe in love across cultures. But why do Russian women marry American men? The reasons are deeper than just immigration and the wide opportunities the USA gives. Find out various personal traits making Americans desirable grooms and husbands.

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Why do Russian women want American men?

Russian girls genuinely value a set of positive values and traits men from America have. Lots of them their local partners lack, that′s why young women prefer online dating with guys like you. Dreaming of buying a Russian bride, men tend to forget that only a mutual attachment leads to dating success. Find out what is special about US men and become an ideal boyfriend for your beloved.

Russian Women And American Men

Men from the USA concentrate on family

Russian women dream of dating American men thanks to their high family values and devotion. These guys gladly spend weekends with kids and become reliable financial support. Women find them caring fathers and good husbands they can rely on. Russian ladies want to live in a healthy and harmonious family which they can create, to their mind, with a partner from the USA.

Americans are gentle and polite

American manners and behavior get Russian women and American men closer to each other. While in Russia men don′t control negative emotions and can lose temper, husbands from the US tend to keep calm and stay respectful. They follow dating a Russian woman rules and never seem too attached, which helps to save a warm atmosphere at home. Russian women believe that with such a partner they avoid quarrels in the relationships.

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They′re socially active

Russian women seeking American men appreciate their readiness to meet friends, join events, and arrange family celebrations. Americans always smile and maintain a positive attitude to surrounding people. These guys don′t sit at home on holidays, so ladies won′t face a boring family life after marriage which is focused only on household chores.

Americans are proactive in dating

Why do Russian women like American men? They′re keen on guys from the USA because these partners take initiatives on their own to attract a Russian girl. They carefully plan this first date, make a good first impression, and even present carefully selected gifts. Such a man spares no effort to make his beloved happy, and this trait Russian ladies value a lot.

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US men are healthy

Instead of drinking and smoking, which is common for Russian guys, Americans go in for sports and train regularly not only to look attractive but also to be healthy. They′re into numerous hobbies like running, cycling, and more. Also, these men like cooking, so girls can expect that their partner will prepare some healthy dishes to impress them. Russian women who marry American men admit that their husbands show the best example for their kids and instill good habits. Their children are raised in a happy family where parents maintain mental and physical health.

Bottom line

Do Russian women like Americans? Yes, lots of women from Russia are keen on these men for obvious reasons. They dream of creating a family with a serious and successful partner who respects his spouse, spends spare time with children, and has good habits. Americans become wonderful husbands and fathers, so if you′re one of them, be certain you easily melt the heart of a Russian lady you like. Don′t hesitate and start a conversation with a girl catching your attention!