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Perks And Possible Risks Of Marrying A Russian Woman Foreigners Should Avoid

Mary Reilly
Dating/Relationship Coach and Writer

International dating and marriage is a popular trend today, but some guys still have doubts regarding marrying a Russian woman. Ladies from this country deserve a lot of foreigners′ attention. Men worldwide join popular dating platforms to order a to order a Russian bride. So, why do they want to marry a Russian woman? What features and traits make foreigners obsessed with the idea of meeting a beloved from Russia? To reveal all the benefits and possible pitfalls you may face in relationships with such a lady, read this article!

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Reasons and benefits of marrying Russian women

Men worldwide who dream of marrying a Russian girl would like to know what married guys think of their Russian spouses. What are the main advantages of having such a partner? Learn more about Russian women character and bear in mind some common reasons why men choose these girls.

Russian wives rarely betray

Russian social norms impact family life a lot. In Russia, women accept their men with all their strong and weak sides. When a lady marries a guy, she rarely breaks the oath of marital fidelity. The majority of Russian spouses are devoted and want to save the family even in a bad time.

marrying a Russian woman

Russian ladies have interesting personalities

Another advantage of marrying a Russian woman is that you get a broad-minded partner who continues self-developing after marriage. Your beloved comes from a country where education is valued and accessible to all ladies. Russian women do all their best to get a higher education, so they learn a lot. With such a wive, you never get bored, as you get a broad-minded partner maintaining any topic in a conversation. Foreigners admit that they find in Russian girls not only an attractive appearance but also an interesting and intelligent personality.

They create a cozy atmosphere at home

Men who are fascinated with the idea of marrying a Russian girl get a caring and attentive spouse. She knows how to keep your laundry clean, raise children, and maintain a cozy home atmosphere. It seems her mother has taught her how to keep everything in order and stay a passionate wife. Be sure she gladly invites your friends, meeting them with a hot and delicious dinner. When you dream of a home full of jokes, warm hugs, and romantic evenings with wine and cheese, choose one of single Russian ladies for marriage and she′ll make your dreams come true!

Pros and cons of marrying a Russian woman

Generally, there are the following advantages and possible disadvantages men can notice in a family with a lady from Russia. Consider all of them to make an objective opinion and make the right decision.

marrying a Russian girl


  • Your family life will be stable and full of positive emotions
  • Your wife isn′t career focused, so you can have two children or more
  • You will enjoy sunny family vacations with trips and new experience
  • Your spouse stays fit and always turns you on
  • You may be a leader in the family
  • You can entrust your family budget to your spouse


  • Her relatives may come in between you or be too intrusive
  • Russian women′s superstitions sometimes seem strange to foreigners
  • Your spouse is used to spend some amount of her income on beauty procedures

Probably, these cons won′t be disadvantaged for you as everything is individual. But there are some obvious problems and difficulties a man may face with a Russian wife.

Problems regarding marrying Russian women

One of the most popular risks of marrying a Russian woman foreigners think about is that such a lady just wants to get a visa but not a loving husband. Nobody can protect you from it as well as to guarantee your entire happiness in family life. Your decision must be carefully considered. Don′t idealize your partner and get ready to face the following nuances.

risks of marrying a Russian woman

Language barrier

Not every Russian woman seeking love online is fluent in English and it′s one of the problems of marrying Russian women. Usually, dating websites require only an elementary level of English. In this case, an international couple may face some misunderstanding or can chat with the help of an interpreter. To overcome the language barrier, you both should be loyal and understanding.

Documents preparation

Men from abroad should remember that getting a Russian bride to their country asks for some paperwork, time, and finances. You must apply for a K-1 visa, providing all the needed documents. You should follow all the requirements and wait politely.

Bottom line

How to protect yourself when marrying a Russian girl? Foreigners who pop the question to a Russian lady should know their partner′s habits, health status, family relationships, and plans for the future. The best advice is to visit a future bride several times to check your feelings out before making the decision. Consider the perks of marrying Russian women and choose only top-rated dating websites for your search!