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Explore Russian Dating Traditions And Marriage Culture

Mary Reilly
Dating/Relationship Coach and Writer

The most important part of international dating is learning more about your partner and their culture. When you′re attracted to Russian mail order brides, you need to know what’s Russian dating etiquette like and what preferences ladies from this country have. Typically, they’re not different from the majority of ladies you meet every day. However, there are some nuances influencing the way Russians act, interact, and what they expect from the relationships. To enjoy a romance with your beloved and succeed in dating, read this article about Russian relationships and it′s differences from the American ones.

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Basic information about Russian culture and relationships

Today, lots of Russian women get acquainted with men via dating and social platforms. Lots of them are looking for compatible partners from abroad on genuine Russian dating sites. Typically, a couple starts chatting, and then a man asks a lady to go on a date with him. Guys order a taxi, pick a beloved from home, spend their free time in public places like restaurants and cinemas, and do everything that a real gentleman would do. Generally, Russian girls and guys date from several weeks to several months before starting to living together (if they′re both financially independent). After 6 months or 1 year, they usually get engaged or married and have children. It′s an essential part of a Russian marriage culture foreigners should consider in case of serious intentions.

Main differences between Russian and American dating culture

Americans don′t take dating as seriously as Russian people. They dress casually and prefer to take their girlfriends to popular places for lunch. T-shirts and jeans are considered good clothes for this, while Russian couples tend to look perfectly on dates. When Americans meet someone, they may date several partners simultaneously to make the right choice. After a few dates, if a person doesn′t suit them, they usually leave.

Russian dating traditions and typical features

Dream of courting a Russian woman, you should know how to become an ideal boyfriend and get a soulmate satisfied. Find out common dating patterns of behavior and basic customs Russians are used to.

Guys take the lead

In Russia, when a man falls in love he becomes proactive and takes the initiative. It′s a part of popular Russian dating customs. Guys surround ladies with attention, care, and respect. They call and message first, they arrange a date, choosing the best places for romantic evenings. Flowers are also a good choice.

Men always pay

While women in America tend to strive for equality and prefer paying for themselves, Russian ladies don′t follow this trend. Their boyfriends always pay for bills in restaurants, clubs, and cinemas. Russian girls aren′t inclined to think that it′s a way to buy their love. Instead, they′re grateful for all men′s signs of attention. It means that a partner admires his beloved and wants to do all the best to please her.

Russian culture and relationships

Couples stick to the 3 days rule

Sex isn′t a taboo part of Russian dating traditions, however, no every lady accepts intimacy after the first date. Some girls follow the rule of three dates, others prefer to date several weeks before going to bed. Men should gain their trust and respect, proving their serious plans for the future. When a lady sees you′re a reliable and family-focused partner, it gives you some extra points.

Couples visit their parents

In Russia, when a guy has serious intentions and dates a lady for a long time, they meet her relatives. A man should make a good first impression, as the approval of a girl′s parents is crucial in terms of dating. They don′t participate in your private life a lot, but you shouldn′t neglect their opinion or refuse a girl to get acquainted with her family. In the Russian marriage culture, it′s an obligatory step for both sides, while in America couples may date for several months without contacting relatives.

Russian dating traditions

Women and men maintain the contact

Russian couples can′t live without constant communication with their beloved people. They use SMS, Skype calls, and instant messages to exchange news, plans for a day, or feelings. Stickers with hugs and kisses help men and women to show their attachment to each other. This way of interaction becomes a part of modern Russian relationships, allowing people to be certain that everything goes well.

Bottom line

Russian dating etiquette isn′t complicated, so foreigners get accustomed to it easily. Couples in Russia take dating as an important step that may lead to marriage, that′s why local women consider their boyfriends their prospective husbands. Hurry up and enjoy the best relationships in your life with a devoted and sensual girl from Russia.